Expecting major damage

Hit the Azores in a few days

At the time of writing, Hurricane Lorenzo is a Category 4 hurricane that has gradually moved into very favorable hurricane conditions with little wind resistance and temperatures between 25 and 29 degrees. Lorenzo is expected to be a Category 3 on Friday, September 27th.

Angra do Heroísmo

The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is “in the middle of the road” before the hurricane. The inhabitants of the Portuguese city of Angra do Heroísmo on the island of Terceira, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are now preparing for the worst storm in their memory to hit the city and the archipelago. The city has approx. 35,000 inhabitants.

Kilde: NOAA

As for the forecasts after the hurricane hit the Azores, with a wind speed of over 50 m / s, these are still somewhat uncertain. There are several “paths”, or roads that the hurricane can take on its journey further towards Europe. It will gradually weaken as it goes north, but will still be able to hit countries in Europe with wind speeds equivalent to a hurricane.

Kart: Windy. Grafikk: Stian Tørstad

The most likely route as of today is route no. 1, which indicates that the hurricane will hit Iceland. Route 2 is a slightly slower route, where the hurricane will lose both additional speed and strength before the Faroe Islands get to know the forces of nature. This alternative will probably give Norway some precipitation. Option 3 is a route where the hurricane sweeps coastal areas in the UK before heading for Norway. Here, Norway will have a small autumn storm at the beginning of October.

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