Coronavirus as a “injury” in Football Manager

In recent months, weeks and days, we have seen that football associations in Asia and the rest of the world has had to cancel tournaments because of the coronavirus (Covid-19) that is raging all over the planet right now.

This is obviously a right decision, but it still feels unnecessary and empty for us who love football.

So I decided just as well to combine the hate and the love that football consists of a lot. In the Football Manager game series the coronavirus does not exist of course. So I went into the game’s editing program and added the virus as a real injury, so you can see the players on your team as well as the opponents getting infected with the coronavirus, WITHOUT canceling the football season! I have not made any other changes to the database (the latest one)

A Sarpsborg-player getting infected. Out for 14 days.

Isolation is the only treatment to the injury, forcing the clubs to send the player home for 14 days. On the picture above you can see Soltvedt having 12 days left.

Here are the specifications of the coronavirus-injury:

Minimum days: 14 (days can be extended by 78, depends on the course of the virus)

Percentage injured during match: 0% (unlikely to get this while playing match)

Repeating – players can get the corona virus several times

Infectious (others can get it)

Careers can be over when “injured” by the coronavirus.

Age: Everyone

Treatment: Isolation

You will find the workshop-file on Steam by pressing HERE.  (opens a new window)

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