Rare severe storm

The European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)’s weather forecasts show that Norway is waiting for a stormy week, but with high temperatures.

The article was first published on the Facebook page Vær og uvær. (Norwegian)

A rarely strong thunderstorm is expected over the weekend, from Tuesday and Wednesday. The forecasts are still a bit uncertain considering which places will be hardest hit, but the storm is coming, according to the forecasts of ECMWF. 

So far, the forecasts point more and more to the fact that it is Trøndelag, the areas east of Trondheimsfjorden that are hardest hit. The storm will first hit Møre and Romsdal before moving further northeast towards Trondheimsfjorden.

The reason for this severe weather is a low pressure that forms very quickly over Trøndelag on Tuesday / Wednesday, but which is “squeezed away” by a high pressure that comes in between a large low pressure in the west and a large high pressure in the east. The low pressure will win the “battle” on Wednesday, before a new high pressure comes over Norway via Great Britain from the southwest. (see map below)

Source: Vær og uvær / ECMWF

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